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Slate Stone


Slate Stone which is operated in Ulubey, Uşak is a schist which a silvery and greygreen appearance. Slate stone gaining recognition with it’s silvery-shining apperance, has been used in lots of domestic and international projects. 

We are producing slate in the widths of 0-1 cm, 1-3 cm, 3-5 cm and differerent dimensions for different practices. Slate is produced in tones ammong grey and shiny green and sometimes in yellow colour due to its natural structural differences. Yellow colour consolidates the natural appearance of stone.

Slate stone is used in inner and outer wall covering ,landscape practices and fireplace and barbecue parts usually. Due to anti-skid specification, it is preferred in pedestarian ways and wet floors. It is a strong stone which is not affected from seasonal conditions and cold-hot temperature differences. It keeps cold in summer and hot in winter and ensures heat insulation. It maintains its characteristics of colour, speciality and durableness during years without any overhaul.


Our slate stone is suitable for shaping. As it is in form of quartz schist which is the strongest form and due to it's durableness,  crack and fractures dont occur from end to end because of the impacts of edge shaping practices. This durableness is sufficent for blade cutting and not creating disadvantage of sizing in reasonable level and is suiatble for cutting. Also, above average stones are produced as size and small stones are not sold.

We are clipping stones with cords by stockpiling on pallets in mine. We are sending pallets to required destinations after weighing them in weighbridge and writing weights on each pallet and loading them into trucks with froklifts. Our prices are on ton basis. Please contact for prices.

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